Responsible Sourcing

Protecting Our Future & Welfare

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The livelihoods of our fishing folk, our families and our community at large depend on having healthy fish stocks.
As custodians of our seas we take responsible, measured and informed approach to sustainability, preserving stocks and supporting welfare and future generations to come.
We only select the best grade of produce, species in their prime, mature and in season. We do not catch when our species are spawning.  
For more information on Sustainability please view the Seafish link below. 

Responsible Sourcing - A Balanced Approach

Our catch is ethically sourced through the Scottish Responsible Fishing Scheme.
This practice audits the application of good practice by vessel, skipper and crew in their fishing operations in relation to sustainability.
All our produce can be tracked back to source.
Questions such as when, where and how it was caught can be answered as well as how it was handled.
For more information on Responsible Fishing scheme please view the Seafish link below.

Natural Preservation By Modern Freezing
Methods - Fight Global Warming Eat Frozen Fish
Freezing Technoology

Highland Bay Seafoods operates with our primary processing partners the usage of highly advanced freezing methods. This process optimises
 high quality just caught freshness and premium product consistency. Modern fast freezing enables us to eliminate the bio-degradation of our catch at source thereby preserving the unspoiled taste of the species.
We provide in many cases not just a better quality of fish than most labelled fresh fish, we offer a modern  and sustainable supply chain process that is green. Expertly fast freezing our products is vital in reducing carbon footprint and eliminating product waste. For more information on why frozen is fresher than fresh and the sustainable mantra for our seas please read these articles 

Direct Catch - The Highland Bay Way
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The Unspoken Facts...

1. Did you know quality of fresh seafood deteriorates from the moment of harvest?

2. Did you know most fresh fish seafood is between 1-2 weeks in the cold supply chain before it reaches your plate? 
3. Did you know wild caught fresh seafood can take upto 10 days before it reaches port?

-This time lag consists of 2-3 days travelling to and from fishing grounds, 4-5 days fishing, 2-3 days processing and distributing. When it finally reaches store it can take fresh fish 2-3 days to sell.-

When you buy direct from Highland Bay Seafoods, as a consumer you buy one step closer to the source.

  • You are not buying through a chain of wholesalers. 
  • You are buying from the best grade of seafood catch (no more than 2 days old)
  • You are buying direct from an independent resource of primary producers whose expertise in handling the best catch and delivering high quality Scottish seafood processing is the very best.
  • Buy Highland Bay Seafoods to build a more direct link between shore and plate.

Further Information
To provide you with an informed and measured approach on subjects affecting our industry please view links on our website.

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