Quality Process

Gourmet Quality can only be achieved through implementation of a rigorous and accountable quality process
Quality ProcessingTo deliver our range in optimum condition to a consistently high standard we work closely with a proven selection of primary and secondary producers in Scotland, Netherlands and Spain together with our group productions.

Our association with these producers is based on more than 50 years collaboration and trading expertise to deliver a range of gourmet seafood to match the expectation of our most discerning customers. 

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  • All our sites are accredited to meet the highest regulation of food and product safety legislation. 
  • The factory environment where our shellfish, fish and breaded products are graded, filleted, breaded, pre-fried, packaged and stored meet the highest standards of quality control in food hygiene and traceability.
  • Depending on product specification and sourcing partner our range produced is accredited by:

1. Food Standards Agency Approved (FSA)

  • HACCP controlled whereby all approved primary suppliers support a critically controlled food process documentation

 2. British Retail Consortium Approved (BRC)    

  •  We partner with BRC Grade A accredited primary producers.
  • The British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard is a comprehensive certification covering all areas of product safety, legality and quality.
  • In the UK and Europe it is the benchmark for food standards.

3. Safe And Local Supplier Approved (SALSA)

  • We partner with SALSA accredited primary producers.
  • In the UK SALSA is recognised specifically as the Food Safety Certification for small and micro producers.  

4. International Food Standards Approved (IFS)

  • IFS Food is a GFSI recognised standard for auditing food safety and quality of processes and products of food manufacturers. It concerns food processing companies or companies that pack loose food products. 
  • IFS Food applies when products are “processed” or when there is a hazard for product contamination during primary packing.
  • The IFS Food Standard is important for all food manufacturers, especially those producing private labels, because it contains many requirements related to specifications’ compliance.
  • It supports production and marketing efforts for brand safety and quality and has been developed with full and active involvement of certification bodies, retailers, industry and food service companies from all over the world. 
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