Scottish Salmon

Highland Bay Seafoods is one of the most well respected online fish suppliers in the business offering only the highest quality, hand selected Scottish Salmon which are farmed locally from responsible fisheries in order to ensure a plentiful and sustainable supply of one of Scotland's most famous internationally exported natural products. Our most popular retail packs of this delicate and exquisitely flavoured example of locally farmed produce include the Luxury Long Sliced Oak Smoked Scottish Salmon and the Gravadlax Oak Smoked Scottish Salmon packs which are both featured in this section of our website. There is something quite special and magical about Scotland's crystal clear waters and the cold and invigorating climate of the Highlands which combine to provide the perfect growing conditions for lean and healthy fish which simply taste superb. The high exchange rate of the water in the highland lochs with the cold and fresh waters of the North Atlantic Ocean ensures that the salmon are constantly kept swimming against the tides and currents which helps to promote muscularity whilst keeping fat levels to a minimum. The high winds and tidal interaction are also responsible for providing increased levels of oxygenation. This helps to stimulate the metabolic growth rate of the fish which results in bigger sizes and greater consistency in terms of overall evenness of definition and shape.

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