How To Grill Seafood?


Definition: Cooking fish and shellfish by radiant heat from below oven bars on a barbeque or from above on a tray. The heat source can be gas, electric, charcoal or wood.

Example: Whole Lemon Sole.

1. Preheat grill.
2. Scale and make incisions into the flesh, stud with salted butter.
3. Place sole under grill and cook until it reaches 58-60C, the sole skin will be become crispy and brown in colour.
4. Remove from under grill, sprinkle with sea salt and serve with a wedge of lemon, skin will lift easily away if desired.


How To Poach Seafood?

Poach 1Poach 2Poach 3Poach 4

Definition: Cooking fish and shellfish in the correct amount of liquid (Water, Stock, Court-bouillon, Red wine, milk) close to boiling point around 93-95 degrees Celcius.

Example: Cod fillet skin on in water.

  1. Pat dry fish
  2. Place a shallow pan of seasoned milk, water, stock or a court-bouillon onto boil.
  3. When it reaches the boil add fish and reduce heat keeping liquid at 95C approximately, below boiling point. (Liquid should just cover fish)
  4. To tell for the fish is cooked you can Probe cod to 57C-60C. The skin should remove easily from flesh and after prise apart the muscle flesh a little to show the opacity / whiteness of the flesh.


How To Poele Seafood?

Poele 1Poele 2Poele 3Poele 4

Definition: Cooking fish and shellfish enclosed in a cooking dish with butter using dry heat in a hot oven.

Example: Monkfish

1. Pre heat oven to Gas 7 or 200C.
2. Pat dry fish.
3. Place a little oil on the bottom of the dish, lay white vegetables on top.
4. Lay fish on top and season lightly with salt and pepper, add soft butter and spread over fish. Cover with lid.
5. Place in oven to cook, two thirds through cooking remove lid and baste fish.
6. Leave lid off for fish to colour. Fish should be 60-62 degrees Celcius.
7. Remove fish and keep warm while resting, make sauce from cooking juices and vegetables, strain over sliced fish.


How To Shallow Fry Seafood?

Shallow Fry 2Shallow Fry 3Shallow Fry 4IMGP3401

Definition: Cooking fish and shellfish in a small amount of preheated oil or fat in a shallow pan.

Example: Sea Bass fillet.

  1. Pat dry fish and lightly season with sea salt
  2. Preheat pan under a medium heat for 20 seconds, add a little oil and leave until it swirls and spreads. Do not allow to smoke as this breaks down oil.
  3. Holding fish at tail end place into pan carefully skin side down away from yourself so any hot oil that spits will not burn you.
  4. If fish curls up at sides press down lightly with a spatula. (Scoring fish can minimise fish from curling)
  5. When fish skin crisps up and flesh at sides begins to turn opaque, turn over using spatula and cook other side, towards end add some butter and baste over fish.
  6. Check to see if cooked by using a temperature probe to 55-60C or break flesh side a little to check that flesh is opaque inside.


How To Steam Seafood?

Steam 1Steam 2Steam 3Steam 4

Definition: Cooking fish and shellfish using moist heat in the form of steam under different degrees of pressure.

Example: Lemon Sole Fillet

1. Using steamer or pan with a steamer insert fill with hot water to below level of steamer insert, cover with lid and place on heat and bring to the boil. 
2. When water is boiling remove lid carefully with a cloth to prevent burning fingers/hand.
3. Place lemon sole in and season with a little sea salt.
4. Place lid back on and adjust heat if required.
5. Test lemon sole for doneness with thermometer probe for accuracy which should be at 55-60C.

How To Stir-Fry Seafood?

Stir Fry 1Stir Fry 2Stir Fry 3Stir Fry 4

Definition: Cooking fish and shellfish in preheated oil very quickly and constantly moving the food around with a spoon or spatula in a wok.

Example: Squid Rings.

1. Preheat wok for 30 seconds over a medium to high heat, add a small amount of vegetable oil.
2. Oil will heat instantly, add patted dry squid tentacles and rings carefully and stir around wok with a slotted spoon or spatula constantly. Do not over fill the wok as the temperature will drop quickly and the squid will stew. 
3. Approximately 30 seconds and the squid rings will be cooked.
4. Remove squid from wok using a metal spoon, season and squeeze some lemon juice over if desired.

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