How To Shallow Fry Seafood?

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Definition: Cooking fish and shellfish in a small amount of preheated oil or fat in a shallow pan.

Example: Sea Bass fillet.

  1. Pat dry fish and lightly season with sea salt
  2. Preheat pan under a medium heat for 20 seconds, add a little oil and leave until it swirls and spreads. Do not allow to smoke as this breaks down oil.
  3. Holding fish at tail end place into pan carefully skin side down away from yourself so any hot oil that spits will not burn you.
  4. If fish curls up at sides press down lightly with a spatula. (Scoring fish can minimise fish from curling)
  5. When fish skin crisps up and flesh at sides begins to turn opaque, turn over using spatula and cook other side, towards end add some butter and baste over fish.
  6. Check to see if cooked by using a temperature probe to 55-60C or break flesh side a little to check that flesh is opaque inside.


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