How To Deep-Fry Seafood?


Definition: Cooking fish and shellfish completely submerged in appropriate quantity of preheated oil fat.

Example: Battered Cod Fillet.

1. Preheat electric deep fat fryer or use a wok filled with vegetable oil no more than a third full. 
2. Oil should be heated over a low to medium heat to 180C-190C No More, switch off gas or remove wok from heat source carefully and allow to cool back down again. (Use a thermometer to be accurate) 
3. When oil is ready add cod fillet carefully. For example use hand or wooden skewer. 
4. When cod fillet rises to surface of oil and floats, cod fillet will be ready. 
5. Remove onto a plate using a slotted spoon with kitchen roll to absorb excess oil.


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