How To Boil Seafood?


Definition: Cooking fish and shellfish in the correct amount of liquid (water, stock, milk, wine, court-bouillon) at 100Celcius which is at boiling point. This may be rapid or gentle (gentle would be simmering).

Example: Turbot Fillet Skin-on

1. Place choice of liquid (Red wine court-bouillon) onto boil in a large pan, cover with lid and bring to the rolling boil. Simmer for 15 minutes, add a pinch of salt.
2. Strain court-bouillon and place fish or shellfish into it and bring back to the boil, reduce heat so liquid is simmering at gentle boil. 
3. Cook until fish is firm to the press or reaches 57-60 C on your temperature probe. If the skin is still on the fish fillet the skin will come off easily. For shellfish can also use your timing guidelines.
4. Remove fish or shellfish from liquid onto a tray lined with kitchen roll.
5. Season with sea salt if required.


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