Superior Freshness & Taste Guaranteed

Since 1958 our independent family business has been driven by a passion to supply the very best seafood to those who care passionately about great fresh natural produce. So what makes our seafood special is the reason to buy online.

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  1. Our seafood is caught from Responsible Fisheries.
  2. Our seafood is selected from large sizes from the finest catch.
  3. Our seafood is blast frozen within hours of catch to supply just caught fresh taste.
  4. Our seafood is frozen to supply zero wastage and reduce carbon footprint.
  5. Our seafood is frozen so we can catch in season and supply all year round.
  6. Our seafood is vacuum packed to preserve its natural quality and freshness.
  7. Our seafood is natural, there are no additives, enhancers or artifical flavours. All our packs are sold net of glaze.
  8. Our seafood is fully traceable. We source it so we know where it comes from.
  9. Our seafood is about discerning taste and superior quality. We do not compromise on quality to meet the mass appeal of supermarkets.
  10. Our seafood is sold in leading restaurants and hotels of the world.

Highland Bay Seafoods is a Member of the Responsible Fishing Scheme Winner of the Great Taste Awards 2011 for Cooked Scottish Lobster Seafish - The Authority on Seafood Scotland Food & Drink Member SALSAMoray Fish Internacional untitled2 a week logoRSPCA Freedom Foods