Our Story

"The fruits of the North Sea are seldom equalled - never surpassed. The North Sea Fisherman has always been aware that he is handling the best any sea has to offer and he has always handled it with the care and reverence it deserves"                                                                                                          
Charles Eckersley O.B.E - Founder 1958 HistoryFor more than 50 years our strongly independent family business has acted as custodians of the unspoiled seas around the Scottish coastline that reach out into the fertile fishing grounds of the North Atlantic. Our approach is fresh, responsible, exclusive and independent; our methods are hand crafted by our local fishing folk who are committed to preserving the professional and exacting standards set by our forefathers. This dedication and preservation enables us to deliver gourmet seafood delicacies to you and your discerning  friends throughout the world. Enjoy the REAL taste of Scotland.
James Eckersley - Director & Founder of Highland Bay Seafoods
Our-StoryOur business continues to evolve - From our roots in 1958 as Moray Fish Supply, based in Buckie, Scotland then expanding overseas with a second facility Moray Fish Internaional in Barcelona Spain in the 1970's. Later renaming the Scottish operation to Moray Seafoods in the 1980's as the product range developed more into shellfish. And then with further changing times in 2011 the family decided to sell the volume production and wholsale business Moray Seafoods Ltd and shortly after Moray Fish International with family member James Eckersley choosing to develop and focus on the speciality retail sector under the new brand of Highland Bay Seafoods.

Since then the brand has grown and in 2016 Highland Bay Seafoods furthered its develoment and growth plans by making links with the highly respected Aquascot Group, a specialist Scottish salmon and prepared seafood producer based north of Inverness at Alness.

Today and tomorrow through our comprehensive product range we focus on delivering speciality Scottish seafood to retail markets both at home and abroad.
Highland Bay Seafoods is an exclusive brand, a one stop shop to delivering the REAL taste of Scotland, our finest seafood larder.

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Highland Bay Seafoods is a Member of the Responsible Fishing Scheme Winner of the Great Taste Awards 2011 for Cooked Scottish Lobster Seafish - The Authority on Seafood Scotland Food & Drink Member SALSAMoray Fish Internacional untitled2 a week logoRSPCA Freedom Foods