Gourmet Seafood

Here at Highland Bay Seafoods, we pride ourselves on being one of the most respected names in Scottish gourmet seafood supplies, with an unrivalled choice of freshly caught products which are prepared in house to the highest of standards before being blast frozen on the day of the catch in order to preserve maximum taste and goodness, whilst completely avoiding the use of artificial preservatives or additives. The clean, crystal clear waters that hug the Scottish coastline are renowned for being high in oxygen levels and are famous for producing some of the best tasting seafood in the world. As a leading online gourmet seafood supplier, we are able to offer a huge choice of quality products including shellfish such as wild Scottish lobster and crab, langoustines, prawns and scampi. We also specialise in responsibly sourced salmon, cod and haddock supplies which are available for purchase in both raw and pre-cooked options. When you buy gourmet seafood online using our website, you can rest assured that you are receiving the same quality produce that we distribute to local delicatessens, critically acclaimed restaurants and top international hotels that have come to depend on us for their superior tasting supplies. We also offer an exciting choice of seafood gifts including gourmet picnic hampers and a superb choice of presentation packs. Over the years we have won a number of distinguished awards for our select gourmet seafood supplies which include the prestigious 2 Star Gold Taste Award Winner 2012 for our Whole Cooked Lobster and the highly enviable and elite 3 Star Gold Taste Award Winner 2013 for our delectable Diver Caught Scallops. More information on these awards can be found using the following links:



Scottish Fish

Scottish Fish are famous the world over for their superior flavour, superb texture and naturally high nutritional content. The icy cold waters of the North Atlantic which surround Scotland’s craggy coastlines help to keep the local sea fish fresh and healthy and the strong tides provide increased oxygen levels which promote a healthy metabolism leading to bigger gains in muscle mass and size. The fish are also constantly kept active by the strong currents which they continuously have to struggle and swim against and these results in much lower levels of overall body fat. Here at Highland Bay Seafoods, we have been in the business of supplying award winning Scottish fish to top international gourmet restaurants, five star hotels and local delicatessens for well over fifty years and we are now able to sell our premium grade products to individual customers directly online using the internet. Each day, we hand select only the strongest and healthiest seafood supplies from responsibly sourced fishing areas which are harvested, using time honoured and traditional methods, by local divers and fishermen. Our Scottish fish and seafood products are then skilfully prepared by our experienced chefs before being frozen immediately on site using the blast freezing technique which ensures maximum flavour and nutritional content are preserved without the use of artificial additives.
Highland Bay Seafoods is a Member of the Responsible Fishing Scheme Winner of the Great Taste Awards 2011 for Cooked Scottish Lobster Seafish - The Authority on Seafood Scotland Food & Drink Member SALSAMoray Fish Internacional untitled2 a week logoRSPCA Freedom Foods